XuanAi Best Sex Toy For Female

Want to know what are the best sex toy for female from XuanAi?With professional design team and high quality control, our product has good review from the consumer. To help you find the perfect sex toy, below are the best sex toys we highly recommend to you!

XUANAI G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Dual design can stimulate not only the g-spot but also the clitoris.Unlike other vibrators, XuanAi vibrator make up and down movement, 7 different thrusting speeds for your option.Magnetic charger design, easy to charge; better waterproof resistance performance; Lasting longer compared to DC charger.Heating function ensure you never gonna break the mood in the cold days, only takes a few minutes to heat up.

XUANAI Automatic Heating Wand Massager

XuanAi newest product in 2017.With the same size as your palm, can easily put it in your bag.95% silicone material cover the massage wand, make it very soft and have a good touch feel. The function of quick heat up make it hot in 2 minutes, so it also can be used as muscle massager, promote blood circulation. 12 speeds powerful vibration faster/ slower or mix, it’s all up to you. 100% waterproof can apply to any situation.

XUANAI 7.87” G-spot Dildo

Up and down movement/ heating function/ magnetic charger. XUANAI 7.87” G-spot Dildo have many similar point in common compared to XUANAI G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator, You may ask why should i buy both of them if their function is the same? The biggest difference between vibrator and dildo is the exterior. dildo have the glans and vein, plus the thrusting movement and body temperature, just like you have a sex with a real penis. You can feel the difference when it in and out you body. And this dildo can totally free your hand, stick the dildo on the wall or smooth surface with the strong suction cup, and use the wireless remote control to experience the 7 speeds mode.

How to Use a Vibrator for the First Time

Congratulations on getting a new vibrator! Whether you picked up a basic bullet or a sophisticated rabbit, your friends at Adam and Eve want to make sure you have a fun time. So we put together a helpful little guide about using a vibrator to help you two get to know each other and start your relationship out right!

When You First Get a New Vibrator
When you first get your vibrator, carefully take it out of the box. Check over the box or any instructions to see if your vibrator has any safety tips or special instructions. Next, gently wash your vibrator with warm water and mild soap – taking care not to get the battery compartment or controls wet. Dry your vibrator off with a lint-free towel.

After making sure your new vibrator’s clean, you need to make sure it’s got plenty of juice. If your vibrator’s electrical, check the cord to make sure it’s long enough to reach the nearest socket. If your vibrator’s rechargeable, go ahead and plug it in so you can take it on a test run later that night. And if it uses batteries, make sure you’ve got the right type. Go ahead and load them up if your vibe doesn’t already come with them.

Getting Ready to Insert a Vibrator
Inserting a vibrator works just like inserting a dildo or any other sex toy. Start off by deciding if you want to use a condom with your new vibe or not. Condoms do make it easier to clean afterwards, but they do affect how it feels. While the decision is up to you, Adam and Eve strongly recommends using a condom with anal vibrators. Vaginal vibrators, on the other hand, can be more fun without a condom to get in the way.

Next apply a little lube to yourself as well as the vibrator. If you’re not sure what they’re for, lubes basically serve as a fill-in for the natural lubricant produced by a woman’s vagina. Sex experts generally recommend using sex lube for any sexual experience, even with vibrators. Just make sure that you use the right type of lube with your sex toy. Adam and Eve recommends sticking with water-based lubes, which are compatible with all different types of vibrators. If you’re using an anal vibe, look for a special anal lube, which is thicker and longer-lasting than vaginal lubes.

Some women can use their vibrator safely and comfortably for vaginal penetration without using lube. Most women, however, have a difficult time being aroused by a simple piece of plastic, and they rely on lube to help get things started. Since this is your first time with a vibrator, it’s better to play it safe and cautious by using lube your first few times and then making a decision.

Using Your New Vibrator
Regardless of which vibrator out of the hundreds of models catches your imagination, sexual therapists agree that there’s one basic rule for using a vibrator – if it feels good, then keep doing it! This is partly because vibrators, more than any other sex toy, actively encourage you to experiment with different positions and speeds to find the right combination that hits your sexual buttons.

First, get in a position you find comfortable, such as on your back or on your stomach. Turn the vibrator on low and start using to gently touch your erogenous zones such as your nipples, inner thighs and around your vagina. After getting used to the feel of the vibrator, try gently rubbing the vibrator up and down your vagina. Start with a light, almost teasing approach and gradually build up pressure until you reach the point you’re most comfortable at.

What happens next depends on you. If you’re using a bullet vibrator or wand massager, your options are limited to external stimulation only. If you’ve got a rabbit, G-Spot or traditional vibrator, then you can slip the toy inside for even more fun. Just remembe to relax and enjoy yourself!

Cleaning Up After Using a Vibrator
You wouldn’t put the dishes up without washing them, and the same thing applies to your vibrator. Make sure to always wash your vibe with warm water and soap or specialized sex toy cleaner after each use. Remember to follow any specific guidelines in the manufacturer instructions that you read earlier.

Ultimate Vibrators Guide

What is a Vibrator?

Vibrators come in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes. They can tease your clit, talk dirty and even rumble to the beat of your favorite songs. But vibrators all have one thing in common – a stimulating motor designed to help you orgasm! And no other sex toy can make a woman climax as fast or as strongly as a vibrator.

How to Find the Best Vibrators

There are thousands of different vibrators to choose from, which makes it really hard to find the vibrating partner of your dreams. We asked Adam & Eve’s sex toy experts for some advice, and they put together a vibrator “dating guide” so you can find your ideal match.

How to Use Vibrators

It’s finally time to try your new vibrator out! Here’s what you need to do before taking any new vibe on a test run.

Get Ready.
Give your vibe a good cleaning first and grab some fresh batteries for peak performance.

Get Set.
Make sure you’re comfortable and won’t be disturbed. Keep some lube nearby just in case.

Let’s Go.
Start out slowly teasing yourself with the vibrator before gradually increasing the power and focusing on your hot spots. If something feels really good, then keep doing it!

Cleaning & Caring for Vibrators

It’s not easy to keep your vibrator looking and performing at its best, so here are three easy-to-remember rules to help you out.

  1. Clean your vibe before and after each use.
    The easiest way to do this is by spraying it with antibacterial sex toy cleaner and then wiping it off with a lint-free towel.
  2. Stick to a water-based lube.
    Silicone-based or oil-based lubes can cause a chemical reaction with certain materials. Water-based lube is 100% safe.
  3. Keep your vibrator in a special storage bag.
    You can damage your vibe if it comes into contact with certain types of materials.